In principle, there are complicated reasons for returning, exchanging, and refunding products, so please contact us first and discuss with them to decide.

■ About product returns, exchanges and refunds

If you contact us in advance, we will accept returns, exchanges and refunds within one week after purchase.
Send it to the following contact details.
However, basically, we will not accept exchanges or returns for items that can no longer be handled as products.

  • What I actually used
  • Damaged or dirty
  • What you have written your name etc.

I think there are complicated reasons, so please contact us and discuss with us to decide.

■ Notes

Please note that you will be responsible for the return shipping fee for exchanges, returns, and refunds due to your order mistakes.

  • If the customer makes a mistake in the product name ordered
  • If the quantity is wrong
  • Product after opening
  • Wrong color or size specification
  • Returns and exchanges at the convenience of the customer

Exchanges and returns due to our mistakes will be borne by our shop for both return shipping and substitute shipping.

As stated in the shop policy, we have a 50:50 relationship with our customers. I believe that neither is a one-sided loss relationship.
It is also related to fair service with other customers.
Please understand.

■ Window

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