The [ecodog] advocates for the
A Lifestyle of True Coexistence with Your Dog" is a
[Ecological Dog Life].


What is "doggie ecology"?
I've been asked often to summarize it.
It's a bit long, but please bear with me.

At [ecodog], we believe that [environmental issues] = [symbiotic issues], and
Environmental issues are basically
The collapse of symbiosis between humans, plants, animals, and the Earth
I think that's it.

And in modern Japan, the
"People and their dogs do not live well together.
We believe that

Even with our dogs, which are the closest alien life forms to humans.
People who do not live well together, but
I don't think we can coexist with other alien life forms or the earth.

On the other hand, if we can create a world where we can truly coexist with our closest pet dog
We believe that it is possible to live in harmony with the earth.

Ecological dog life, as advocated by ecodog, is
A lifestyle that truly lives with your dog,
By achieving this lifestyle
People and their dogs live together in harmony
And let's achieve coexistence with people, plants and animals, and the planet.

The leading environmental problem, the
Global warming also promotes deforestation, which is the same life form as humans, and
The earth emits more global warming gases such as CO2 than it can absorb, and
On top of that, due to the spreading of ozone-depleting chemicals such as CFCs, etc.
We believe that this is due to an imbalance in the balance that we had managed to live with until then.

There are also other factors that may have contributed to the loss of balance in people and pets, due to chemical compounds.
Health hazards to wild animals and plants (this is also called pollution), and
And the problem of endangered species in plants and animals, etc. ...
Mostly generated by the human ego
It could be called "the collapse of the symbiosis between humans, plants, animals, and the earth"!

And our idea of an "ecological life" is
It's not simply a coping mechanism of "resource conservation" and "CO2 reduction".
I think it is important to think and act more deeply from the perspective of "coexistence" every day.
This is true not only for humans, animals and plants, but also for each other.
Therefore, the act of war can be considered the most disruptive to "coexistence".

Now, based on such an ecological life
What is [Ecological Dog Life]
Our goal is to create a lifestyle where people and their dogs can truly live together.
A modern-day occurrence, with
Resolving the imbalance in the symbiotic relationship between humans and their dogs, and
And in the wake of it, the collapse of the symbiosis between man and the earth.
I think it's a matter of resolving it and going.

Actually owning a dog or pet and the variety of people and things surrounding the dog
You may see problems, but
From our policy at the moment
We propose a lifestyle with a focus on the following six points

1. food & Life for Health
Use natural food and ecological household items for your dog's health.
We plan, develop, manufacture, propose and sell additive-free organic natural food and care products and household goods for your dog.

2. abandoned dog(Rescue)
Let's support abandoned dog rescue activities and aim for a world where no more abandoned dogs or pets are abandoned.
We will not only donate to rescue organizations, but also sell charity goods, collaborate in the planning, development, and sale of new charity goods, and cooperate with events.

3. workdog
Let's support work dogs and their environment that work for people.
We will not only donate to work-dog organizations, but also sell charity goods, collaborate in the planning, development and sale of new charity goods, and cooperate with events.

4. animal testing
Cruel animal testing banned in Europe. Let's review unnecessary animal testing.
We will not only donate to organizations, but also sell books against animal testing.

5. breeding
Morals are important in the breeding of animals.
And let's reduce the number of children with genetic diseases at birth and increase the number of healthy dogs.
We will support the work of serious breeders and JAHD and others.

6. Study & Traning
Abandonment, animal abuse, reckless breeding, and many other problems can be prevented if we learn about them.
Also, if you train your dog, your life with them will be more enjoyable.
We will make suggestions for owners' education and discipline, sell books and goods, and cooperate with events.

It's a big theme, so there are many things that we can't achieve on our own.
We want to change the world slowly with the help of professional organizations and experts.

Your dogs and pets are your family and your partner.
Let's change the world where they can live together!

Live together!  

Yes, we can!

Representative of ecodog: Hiroto Tomatsu