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■Staff Comments

Pasta, my first dog, a.k.a. Pasta Papa (me), a.k.a. Tomatsu, is a Golden with weak skin, and when he was young, his belly would turn red and itch when he ate food. He also had a lot of dirt in his ears and his stools were unstable.
After doing food gypsies and finally changing to a natural nurse, his itching decreased and his ears became very clean. Also, her stools were always reasonably firm and very easy to pick up.

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At this time, I thought, "My dog's world needs an additive-free, organic diet, just like humans! This is the reason why I started this business.

Our current dog, Jono, the third generation, is growing up fine, thanks to Natural Nurse.

The ingredients and manufacturing are both made in Australia, and the animal proteins are kangaroo and lamb, so it's less likely to be an allergen, and the cost is reasonable, so it's recommended for large dogs, too! If you want to try additive-free dog food, this is the food for you.

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■Recommended points

  1. All materials are Australian Government certified natural finishes
  2. Certification of every production lot by a certification body to be non-chemical
  3. Using wild kangaroo meat, which is high in protein and low in fat and is also used in human therapeutic diets
  4. Adapted to the hot and humid Japanese environment (freshly packed and imported to Japan at a state-of-the-art Australian plant)
  5. Meets AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) feeding standards

We are a top-rated dealer of Natural Nurse and an authorized dealer directly under the manufacturer.

We have many years of experience in selling natural nurses since 1998, and our CEO, Mr. Tomatsu, has been feeding his dog natural nurses for many years, and we provide a variety of information about natural nurses that we have accumulated over the years.
We place special emphasis on inquiries and post-purchase follow-up, and because we purchase directly from the manufacturer, we are able to provide product information and support.
We have a top-class career and track record, so please feel free to contact us for your purchase/consultation.


■Meet the Natural Nurse

My first encounter with Natural Nurse was in 1998, when I was still selling eco-friendly products for humans (Eco-Zakka.com), when my dog GR's pasta got red and itchy after a meal.

It was strange at first, but as I gathered more information about dog food, I learned that unlike human food, there are no laws or regulations on the quality of ingredients, preservatives, colorants, seasonings and other synthetic additives, and even synthetic additives, which are now banned for human use, are used. Since then, I've tried many dog foods and food gypsies, until I found Natural Nurse, which was still unknown at the time.

My dog Pasta, who was fed Natural Nurse, has since stopped itching and is now living a healthier life without much of a connection to the vet.

■Product Information

Made from high-quality ingredients with food allergies in mind, Natural Nurse is made primarily from kangaroo and lamb, which are low in fat, well-balanced in amino acids and high in minerals such as zinc and iron, and does not contain beef.
It is made from the same ingredients that people actually eat, not 'livestock' and does not use discarded parts of meat and grains that are considered 'by-products'.

Raw Materials Wild kangaroo, Australian lamb, and
Lamb fat, rice, oats, alfalfa, lamb fat
Carrots, spinach, parsley, kombu, and
Yeast extracts, vitamin A, B1, B2, B6,
B12, C, D3, E, K, Niacin,
Pantothenic acid, folic acid, and
Biotin and natural organic acids, and
The minerals calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and
Copper, zinc, iron, manganese and
Iodine Eucalyptus japonica extract, and
Uses natural vitamin E and rosemary oil
and preserved.
Natural nurses are not allowed to use genetically modified foods, such as
Gluten, dairy, sugar, wheat, and
Does not contain corn and soybeans



Ingredients (per 100g)

Crude protein: 21% or more

Crude fat: 14% or more

Ash content: 6.5%

Crude fiber: 4% or less

Calcium: 1.4%

Phosphorus: 0.9%

Approximate Feeding Volume

Precautions for use

Constantly observing your dog's condition
Give Drinking water should always be fresh water
Please accompany.
Keep out of direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity as much as possible
Store in a cool and dry state.
After opening, use as soon as possible.



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